What Type Of Dog Is Clifford? Characteristics Of Clifford Dog

If you are eager to know about what type of dog is Clifford after seeing the movie then this article is the perfect choice for you. Today I will tell you about the Clifford the dog character and its facts. You will come to know about the breed, types, special features, etc of this dog. So I will explain to you all details of what type of dog is Clifford in further.

What Type Of Dog Is Clifford?

Clifford is the special type of animated dog character from the movie Clifford the Big Red Dog. However, it is a popular question of what type of dog is Clifford in everyone’s mind as sometimes it looks like a bloodhound and sometimes it appears like a vizsla. The Clifford movie was based on the book written by Norman Bridwell. So let us further see more about it in detail.

Characteristics Of Clifford Dog

Here I have described different characteristics of what type of dog is Clifford in the movie from 2009.

  1. Name

The name of what type of dog is Clifford the big red dog originated from the name of the imaginary person called Clifford. He was the imaginary friend character of Norman Bridwell’s wife.

  1. Colour

The color of Clifford is red and has its own interesting story of why is Clifford red. During the night time while creating the dog character there was red paint on the drawing table and hence the same color was used to paint Clifford.

  1. Gender

Clifford the big red dog original is the Male dog character. As Clifford was voiced by the male voice artist John Ritter. When the voice artist was changed this is how did Clifford the big red dog die due to its reduced appreciation for the actual voice.

  1. Height

In the movie, the height is around 10 feet for Clifford the big red dog. But you will find that accordingly to the different books and movies the size of the Clifford has changed describing 8 feet or 35 feet.

  1. Species

The Clifford is specifically a mixed breed of the two dogs species Bloodhound and Vizsla mainly. Let us see some more details about what type of breed is Clifford the big red dog by reading the species details below.

·       Vizsla

Vizslas are excellent watchdogs and are friendly unless they are threatened, well-socialized canines are generally nice to people. Separation anxiety and a fear of loud noises, such as thunderstorms, fireworks, etc. They do not bark much at the nearby people hence good for petting.

·       Bloodhound

In terms of obedience and working intelligence, the Bloodhound breed is better. However, Bloodhound what type of dog is Clifford the red dog is intelligent not because of intelligence, but because of its ability to track effectively with its nose.

  1. Features

Clifford has different features such as the shy, loyal, gentle, friendly, happy, clumsy, helpful, and loving dog in general. The main reason why is Clifford so big is his happiness, as in the first Clifford was very small but when he felt happy he started to grow bigger. The main drawback for Clifford is its big size.

What Kind Of Dog Is Cleo From Clifford?

Clifford’s best companion, the Cleo, is a purple tomboyish poodle. She has a pink bow in the center of her forehead and is a purplish-gray poodle. Cree Summer, who previously portrayed Kitana, Abigail Lincoln, Susie Carmichael, and Kida, provides Clifford the big red dog cast Cleo’s voice.

Is Clifford Based On A Real Dog?

No, Clifford is not based on a read dog story any time. However, an exoskeleton was used to portray the big red dog with the help of two puppeteers which was carried in the movie. And CGI was used to animate the character.


What Kind Of A Dog Is Clifford?

Reportedly, the canine in the original drawing was based on a bloodhound, though many have suggested he bears similarities to giant Vizslas. Even after Scholastic published the book, Clifford’s breed was never confirmed.

What Is The Characteristics Of Clifford The Big Red Dog?

Clifford is shy, gentle, friendly, loyal, lovable, clumsy, well-meaning and helpful. He sometimes gets into trouble because of his size or is tempted into trouble by his friends and those he meets.

Is Clifford A Labrador?

The original Clifford can be found in the children’s book series written by Norman Bridwell. In the stories, which debuted in 1963, the red dog was a giant Labrador retriever. The CGI Clifford in the live-action movie does indeed look like a Lab — a Lab puppy dyed red.

What Kind Of Dog Is Clifford In The New Movie?

Here’s how fans are reacting to the giant red dog on the internet. After the trailer dropped on Tuesday, many fans took to Twitter to determine the breed of “Clifford” in the live-action film. Other fans shared their criticisms of the CGI. From the looks in the trailer, it seems that Clifford is a mongrel (or mutt).

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In this article, we came to know a lot about what type of dog is Clifford. You now understood many things about the Clifford dog from the movie and cartoon. I told you about the characteristics that describe us about name, species,  how tall is Clifford the big red dog, its gender, and many more. Now you do not have any doubt related to what type of dog is Clifford.