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Today we will see about what is nat type in detail. As the internet is a big network in which NAT type is one of the important things to understand so I will describe everything about the NAT type in this article. You will come to know the role of NAT, how do NAT works, etc. I will share every important point related to what is nat type so let’s read and read it till last.

What Is Nat Type?

NAT type is the Network Address Translation process typically used to translate the IP addresses. The NAT has been distributed into the 3 types depending upon the type of internet connection between devices. We will see more about it further but before moving to types let us understand what is NAT.

Network Address Translation

NAT is the abbreviation used for the Network Address Translation. This is the process in which translation of the IP addresses is carried out. It describes the public and private network of the individual device when the internet is used by the devices. The change in the NAT can interrupt the network and needs to be reset which is a complex process to work on. Mostly the gaming devices such as Xbox, Playstation, and other consoles can have issues with the NAT when using the internet.

List Of NAT Type

Below I listed the NAT types have a quick look before moving in further.

  1. Type 1 – Open NAT
  2. Type 2 – Moderate NAT
  3. Type 3 – Strict NAT

NAT Types

Here I have described every NAT type in detail. You will come to know the difference in network connection depending upon NAT type and its working.

  1. Type 1 – Open NAT

In the open NAT type, the system is directly connected to the internet. This type of NAT allows sending and receiving the data through the network for all devices. There are no firewall configurations in what is nat type on Xbox hence there are no restrictions with this type. As this is the direct connection with the internet hence only one device can be connected at a time.

  1. Type 2 – Moderate NAT

Moderate NAT type is the process in which the internet connection is created between the system with the help of an internet router device. It helps to forward the multiple ports of what is nat type 2 connection to receive other incoming data from the consoles.

  1. Type 3 – Strict NAT

Strict type of what is nat type 3 where an internet connection is established between the system and has restrictions. In this type, there is also the involvement of the router, but there is a limitation as other devices can not be connected to your network. However, you can be the host for others where a multiplayer game can be created by you.

Requirements In NAT Type

There are different things you will require in the NAT type connection as follows.

  • Capability

The NAT capability of the modem can play an important role in acting as a bridge for the devices. It can be checked and set by going into the web browser and then logging in for changing the modem services to bridge mode.

  • IP Configuration

Another point to consider is the IP configuration of the IP address. It is a major thing of what is nat type on ps4 impact a lot on the port forwarding. This step helps to set up the internet connection as per the requirement of the gaming console.

  • Port Forwarding

For the opening of the different ports, the port forwarding is a thing to be considered for the NAT type. This step triggers the opening of multiple ports with the help of a router. If the gaming console device is in the demilitarized zone then it still allows opening the ports easily. More than one console can be connected with the help of the port forwarding step in NAT type.

  • UPnP

UPnP is the universal plug-and-play option that needs to be enabled in the NAT type. It can be set up bu the administrator to allow the device to easily connect with the network.

  • MTU Settings

The MTU settings need to be configured if the NAT type is not working. Most of the devices and routers have default MTU settings of what is nat type strict process hence the restrictions of the playing the game occurs with it.

  • Upgrades

The upgrades of the software and applications are required for the smooth working of the NAT type. Sometimes bugs can be the reason which is resolved after the upgrades of the versions of the firmware related to NAT type.

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What Is A Good NAT Type?

Open NAT: This is the ideal NAT type. With an Open NAT, you should have no issue connecting to other players, as well as being able to chat and party up with players with no problem. You are also able to host multiplayer games with people of any NAT type.

Does NAT Type Affect Gaming?

Online gaming is latency-sensitive, and other functions such as voice chat require a less restrictive NAT for the best online experience. It becomes difficult to connect to other players online or for them to connect to you when you are behind a strict NAT.

What Does NAT Type Mean?

Network Address Translation (NAT) is the ability of a router to translate a public IP address to a private IP address and vice versa. It adds security to the network by keeping the private IP addresses hidden from the outside world.

Do I Need NAT On My Router?

NAT is now essential when it comes to conserving global address space. The IPv4 protocol, which determines how all devices on the internet communicate, has a limited number of available IP addresses. If every device that connects to the internet required a unique IP address, we would soon run out.

Does NAT Type Affect Internet Speed?

NAT builds a connection between those two IP addresses and allows devices to communicate with one another from different routers. The speed of this communication is based on the NAT settings and which type is being used.

Is NAT Type 2 Or 3 Better?

According to Sony’s version, NAT Type 1 is the best, and NAT Type 3 is the worst. Here’s more on Sony’s NAT Types: NAT Type 1 – Open: The system is connected directly to the Internet. NAT Type 2 – Moderate: The system is connected to the Internet with a router.


In this article, we learned about the what is nat type and points related to it. You came to know what NAT means, how it works, and so on. I shared with you the facts related to NAT types where you understood the three different types. We discussed how the NAT types are set and what are its requirements. Now you are not having any query about what is nat type left in your mind.


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