What Is A Honor Walk?

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What Is A Honor Walk?

An honor walk is a poignant and solemn tradition observed in hospitals, representing a deeply respectful tribute to patients who have chosen to become organ donors or are at the end of life. Understanding the emotional significance and procedures involved in an honor walk sheds light on this profound act of reverence.

Defining An Honor Walk In A Hospital:

An honor walk, also known as an “organ donation walk,” is a ceremonial event that honors patients who are either at the end of their life or have chosen to donate organs. It involves hospital staff, family members, and sometimes volunteers, coming together in a procession to honor the patient’s decision or journey.

The Purpose And Emotional Significance:

  • Honoring Organ Donors: For patients choosing to donate organs, the honor walk serves as a tribute to their selfless act, acknowledging their gift of life to others.
  • Respectful Farewell: In cases where patients are at the end of life, the honor walk is a respectful farewell, showing appreciation for their journey and the decisions they’ve made.

Understanding The Process Of An Honor Walk:

  • Preparation: Hospital staff and volunteers organize the honor walk, coordinating with the patient’s family to ensure respect, sensitivity, and support during the process.
  • Hospital Staff Participation: Medical staff involved in the patient’s care often participate in the honor walk, forming a corridor to signify respect and support for the patient and their family.

Are Patients Alive During An Honor Walk?

In most cases, patients undergoing an honor walk are at the end of life or have already passed away. The honor walk occurs either shortly before the patient’s passing or after they have passed away.

Emotional Aspects Of An Honor Walk:

  • Respectful Atmosphere: The honor walk is conducted in a reverential manner, creating a solemn and respectful environment to honor the patient and their family.
  • Support for Families: It serves as a source of comfort for grieving families, offering them a sense of acknowledgment and support during a challenging time.

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After The Honor Walk:

  • Organ Donation Process: For patients choosing to donate organs, the honor walk precedes the process of organ retrieval, symbolizing the transition from one life to potentially saving others.
  • Family Support: Hospital staff and support services continue to offer guidance and support to the patient’s family after the honor walk, ensuring compassionate care throughout.


In conclusion, an honor walk is a deeply moving tradition observed in hospitals, paying tribute to patients at the end of life or those choosing to donate organs. It symbolizes respect, dignity, and acknowledgment for the patient’s decisions or journey and provides solace and support to their families during a challenging and emotional time. The honor walk embodies the profound impact of compassion, respect, and the gift of life.


What Happens During An Honor Walk?

What is an Honor Walk? Hospital staff are invited to come and silently line the pathway from the Intensive Care Unit to the Operation Room (OR) as the organ donor is wheeled to the OR for organ recovery. The team pays their respects to the donor and lends support to the family on their journey.

Is The Family Of An Organ Donor Allowed To Record The Honor Walk?

With the consent of the family, Honor Walks will originate in the Intensive Care Unit. They may occur at any time on any day of the week. The patient’s family may record the Honor Walk with cameras. In deference to the patient and family, no recording by others will be permitted.

What Happens To The Body Of Organ Donor?

After donation, the donor is taken to a funeral home, and the OPO works with the funeral director to honor the donor and donor family’s funeral wishes. An open casket funeral is possible after organ donation.

What Is The Code Honor At The Hospital?

If granted, “Code Honor” is paged overhead to alert staff, visitors and volunteers that the ceremony is occurring and on which unit. The patient is then draped with a flag and a blessing is performed at the bedside.

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