Difference Between Moth And Butterfly

The difference between moth and butterfly might be confusing because of similar appearance, isn’t it? Be relaxed, as today I am going to explain many important differences between butterflies and moths to you. In this topic, you will find how they are different from each other by the structure, shape, behavior, and so on. Let us begin to read below about the difference between moth and butterfly without skipping anything.

What Is The Difference Between Moth And Butterfly?

The difference between moth and butterfly can be noticed by the structure of the body parts and shapes. However, both the insects come from the Lepidoptera order. So it becomes a little hard to guess what is butterfly or moth is. Hence before moving to the main differences let us know first about what is the difference between a moth and a butterfly individually.

What Is Moth?

The moth is a fuzzy insect that looks just like a butterfly. There are many types of moths such as the Indian meal moth, winter moth, gypsy moth, codling moth, etc. In the world, there are around 160000 species of moths. Moths come out commonly in the nighttime.

What Is Butterfly?

A butterfly is one of the beautiful insect types from the order Lepidoptera. However, butterflies have about 18000 species as compared to moths. During the daytime, various butterflies can be seen flying or resting. Mostly butterflies feed themselves by eating the juice from the flower nectar.

Difference Between Moth And Butterfly

Here I have described what’s the difference between a moth and a butterfly in detail.

  1. Antennae

The difference between moth and butterfly antenna is the structure.


In moths, the antennae are shorter in length. The structure of the antennae looks like small feathers on the moth’s head. Moths release the chemical substance from antennae to attract the other moths.


Butterflies have long and straight antennae as compared to moths. There is a small round tip at the end of the butterfly antennae. With these pair of antennae butterflies sense the things in the surroundings easily.

  1. Body

The body difference between butterfly and moth is given in the following.


The moth’s body is fuzzy which makes it appear like a thick coat.


The body of the butterfly looks smooth and delicate.

  1. Size

Size can be highlighted in the difference between moth and butterfly Venn diagram representation easily.


Moths have a short size as compared to butterflies on average.


Butterflies come with a long body this is due to the position of their wings. So let us see the wings difference between moths and butterflies Wikipedia describes in further.

  1. Wings Position

The wing position differences between butterflies and moths worksheet are explained below.


Moth keeps their wings in a horizontal resting position for more time. It appears like a tent structure which they make for protecting themselves from the environment.


When butterflies sit or rest at a place they keep their wings in a closed vertical position. Sometimes they can be seen keeping wings in the horizontal position to absorb the sunlight for nourishment.

  1. Wings Attachments

One of the special characteristics to learn in the difference between moth and butterfly life cycle is the wing attachments. It is called the frenulum the wings connector.


The wing attachment in moth depends on moth species. You may find commonly moths have these wing coupling which connects both pairs of wings that helps them to fly easily.


In a butterfly, the hind and fore wings are not connected with the frenulum. Except for one species do moths and butterflies come from caterpillars that is Australian Regent Skipper.

  1. Pupae

There is a specific texture difference between moth and butterfly caterpillar pupae shells.


The pupae of a moth is just like its body texture having a fuzzy appearance. The pupae shell is called a cocoon from where do moths come from caterpillars larvae.


Butterflies have more smooth but hard pupae than moths. The cover of the butterfly caterpillar is called Chrysalis.

  1. Eyes

Eyes in the butterflies and moths are differently located.


In moth, the eyes are located in forward. The moth can see the objects more brightly however their vision is a little blur.


If you notice the eyes of the butterfly they are in sideways a little but. They can see many objects while observing their surrounding.


How Does A Moth Differ From A Butterfly?

Butterflies normally fold their wings vertically over their backs while most moths hold their wings horizontally when at rest (although quite a few Geometrids, such as the Thorns, hold them vertically or at an angle)

What Are 3 Differences Between Butterflies And Moths?

Moths are stout and fuzzy; butterflies are slender and smooth. And wing colorations between the insect types are generally polar opposites, with butterflies sporting more vibrant colors. Additionally, moth wings, unlike butterfly wings, have a structure called a frenulum, which joins the forewing to the hind wing.

Does A Moth Turn Into A Butterfly?

The cocoon of either insect turns into either a butterfly or moth. Moths do not turn into butterflies or vice versa.

Why Are Moths In My House?

Pantry goods attract moth species that lay their eggs in stored grains and processed products. These pests often come into homes inside infested food packages. Once inside, their eggs hatch into larvae that eat grains, dried nuts, cereals, and a variety of processed products.

Why Do We Like Butterflies But Not Moths?

Another reason we dislike moths is that they normally come out at night, whereas butterflies are active in the day. While we sleep, dozens of species of moths fly around, attracted to light and looking for mates.

What Do Moths Turn Into?

The spongy moth (formerly known as the gypsy moth) undergoes a complete metamorphosis – changing from egg to larva (caterpillar) to pupa to adult. Spongy moth eggs hatch generally between late April and mid-May. The larval, or caterpillar, stage typically lasts about 7 weeks.

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The difference between moth and butterfly was easy to understand. I told you the meaning of moth and butterfly in this topic. Differences like body, size, antennae, etc that I described to you were easy to understand. You came to know how the butterfly and moth rest their wings in different ways. Many important points that you can remember about the difference between moth and butterfly if you watch see one of them next time.


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