Difference Between Ape And Gorilla

If you do not know the difference between ape and gorilla then you can come to the right place. Today I will explain to you how apes and gorillas have different characteristics. You will come to know what is meaning of ape vs gorilla is, do apes have tails or not, what do they eat, who has more power, etc. So let us start where I will tell important points in detail to understand the difference between ape and gorilla species quickly.

What’s The Difference Between Ape And Gorilla?

The important difference between ape and gorilla mammals is the subgroup of the apes family. The apes and gorillas have a change in their physical characteristics which can be easily noticed. However, to understand whats the difference between ape and gorilla types of mammals we will have to understand the parameters of comparison one by one. But before going further let us read what is ape and gorilla first in the following.

What Is Ape?

The ape is the nearest human relative species that has been evolved from monkeys. They have two primary types called Apes and Great Apes. The difference between ape and monkey tails is that the ape does not have a tail like a monkey.

What Is Gorilla?

The gorilla is one of the types of great apes having a huge physical structure. They are the closest great apes having a match to human DNA of around 98 percent.

Difference Between Ape And Gorilla

Here I have described the difference between ape and gorilla mammals in points. Let’s see it.

  1. Size

The size comparison is the first difference between ape and gorilla beings.


An ape can be found in various sizes from small to large.


The gorilla is the largest ape of all other great apes and apes.

  1. Muscles

The muscles of the body of a gorilla vs ape are mentioned below.


The ape has fewer muscles in the body. In apes, the muscles are long fibers that help them to be strong enough however, they also get tired quickly.


Gorillas have large arms and legs with more muscle mass on the body. So undoubtedly the answer for which is stronger ape or gorilla the giant ape gorilla wins in muscle count.

  1. Species

What kind of species can be seen in the difference between ape and gorilla is mentioned in the following.


There are around 20 species of apes in gorillas are also there. You will be able to see chimpanzees, orangutans, gorillas, etc different species of apes and great apes.


In gorillas, there are two species in which the common is silverback. These great apes in which males dominate the family with their huge size and power.

  1. Limbs

There is little difference between ape and gorilla limbs structure if seen closely.


In most apes, the thumbs of the limbs are rotated a little bit so they do not have a proper grip.


The limbs of the gorillas are very similar to that of humans. You will be able to notice the opposing finger grip in the gorilla hands as compared to other apes.

  1. Food

The food and the diet are different in gorillas and apes.


Ape include various food like vegetables, fruits, meat, insects, etc in their day to day lifestyle.


The gorillas prefer to eat only vegetarian meals such as grass, food, fruits, bananas, etc.

  1. Life Span

Life span is the difference between ape and gorilla to understand carefully to know the age.


The life span of the apes is around 40 years except for gorillas.


Gorillas live a life span of about 35 to 40 years on average.

  1. Special Characteristics

Some special characteristics which show us whether is a gorilla a monkey or an ape are given below.


Ape use their hands to grip the woods for climbing and traveling from one tree to another.


Gorillas sometimes bang on their chest several times to show their power and dominant feature.

  1. Habitation

Habitation is an important thing in differentiating between apes and gorillas.


Ape lives in mostly tropical rainforest areas of the America, Asia, etc regions of the world.


The gorillas are being habituated in the lowland rainforests. Mostly you may think is king kong a gorilla or an ape, however, this big gorilla is found nearby bamboo forests areas.


Is Gorilla And Ape The Same Thing?

Since gorillas don’t have tails (this is starting to feel like a math problem), they are classified as apes. Other apes include orangutans, chimpanzees, bili apes and bonobos. Sadly, there are only an estimated 100,000 gorillas left in the world. Closely related to humans, they share 98% of our human DNA.

Are Chimps And Gorillas The Same?

Gorilla is an ape known to belong to the tribe of Gorillini and genus called Gorilla. The chimpanzee is an ape known to belong to the tribe of Hominini and genus Pan. Gorillas are large—almost twice the size of a chimpanzee. Chimpanzee is smaller in size in comparison to gorillas.

Do Gorillas And Chimpanzees Fight?

Chimpanzees and gorillas are not known for violence towards each other, and the two hominid species live peacefully together in certain areas – so it’s surprising and saddening that researchers have witnessed lethal fights between them for the first time.

Do Silverback Gorillas Eat Meat?

Though their primary diet consists of much easier-to-find vegetation, the silverback gorilla, like humans, are an omnivorous species: they can eat meat or plants as they choose.

What Are The Difference Between A Chimpanzee Gorilla And Ape?

Gorillas have brown hair, while the hair of chimpanzees is black and that of orangutans is reddish-brown. Look at the head and face of an ape. Gorillas have large heads with small ears and eyes. Their foreheads bulge outward and they have a crest of hair (called the sagital crest).

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Today we discussed the difference between ape and gorilla species in detail. You came to know what are the differences that we can notice in the other ape species and gorillas mainly. I told you how powerful gorillas are and the characteristics of the apes. You can easily differentiate when you see a gorilla or ape next time visiting the sanctuary or forest. So now you do not have any doubt left in your mind related to the difference between ape and gorilla.


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