Are you getting annoyed because this cloudd is causing trouble on your system? Do not worry today I will tell you about the different things about cloudd in detail. You will come to know the meaning of the cloudd file present on the mac. I will share what is the usage of cloudd applications and what is the reason behind it. How to deal with the issue of cloudd causing problems and many more. So read this article till last because you will not like to miss any important point about the cloudd.

What Is Cloudd?

Cloudd is one of the background processes found in the MAC computer system. It is a type of the daemon file as it ends with the ‘d’ suffix in its name. This works with some of the applications present on your computer and regulates their tasking. However, you will find that it is related to the Cloudkit found on the man page. This file is developed by the Apple framework designed for the macOS and iOS devices. Let us see more things about the aroma cloudd further to know it briefly.

Purpose Of Cloudd

Cloudd process allows the storing of the data on the macOS and different installed applications. This helps to synchronize the data on multiple devices linked with the same account or user. Different documents and files can be saved on the mac computer and iOS devices with the help of cloudd.

How To Find Cloudd?

Below are the steps that you will need to follow to open the Cloudd on your computer.

  1. Turn On the Mac PC
  2. Open the Finder
  3. Go to the Folder on the top
  4. Open the Folder
  5. Click on the System
  6. Now go to Library
  7. Search for Privateframeworks
  8. Look and open Cloudkitdaemon.framework file
  9. Now go to the Support folder
  10. Search the files you will find cloudd

Reasons For Cloudd Problem

Below I have listed the reasons for the cloudd problems on the computers, let us have a look at it.

  • High CPU usage by the cloudddiskwrites_resource process
  • Poor internet and network connectivity
  • No proper syncing of files and folders
  • Unusual and unnecessary sharing occurred on the computer
  • Corrupted or  damaged files
  • Update the software and applications

Solutions For Cloudd Issue

There are different ways for solving the cloudd issue let us see them one by one in the following.

  1. Reboot

The first way to solve the cloudd problem is to reboot or restart your computer system. It will help to kill clouddcpu usage by the apps and let it work smoothly again.

  1. Internet Connectivity

Check the internet connectivity of your mac computer, or it may lead to the cloudd and nsurlsessiond working more slowly. To verify for a good speed internet and network look for the LAN or WiFi connection settings as well as components. Restart the network if required to solve the network issue with a cloudd connection.

  1. Synchronization

Change the synchronization settings on your macOS device by going into the System Preferences > Apple ID > iCloud and deselecting the clouddcpu mac files. You can find the issue by selecting every file present on the desktop and folders one by one.

  1. Sharing

Sharing of the different folders and files from the MacBook Cloudd process will cause cloudd high cpu usage. Stop the sharing of the files and folders manually to solve the issue of the cloudd. This may be due to the files that are been shared by the other users.

  1. Deleting Files and Folders

One of the solutions for fixing the cloudd crash is to delete the files and folders from the macOS computer. A corrupted file or folder of cloudd wants to use the login keychain might be damaged then it should be deleted manually.

  1. Reset SMC

The system management controller called SMC needs to be reset when the cloudd process mac high cpu usage occurs. After resetting the SMC restart the computer to apply the changes properly.

  1. Update

Sometimes there might be an update issue causing the cloudd keychain or other error on the MacBook. A newly installed update into the applications or the upgrade into clouddy system software should be checked for compatibility.

How To Fix Cloudd Login Keychain?

Here I have described the steps to fix cloudd wants to use login keychain pop-up prompt message.

  1. Turn On Computer
  2. Go to Applications
  3. Open Keychain Access
  4. Right-click to open the folder and log in
  5. Now turn Off the auto-lock feature of the Keychain application
  6. Create new keychain passwords
  7. Reset the keychain settings and preferences to default

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What Is Mac Process Cloudd?

Cloudd is a process used by CloudKit, Apple’s framework that allows macOS and third-party applications to sync data using iCloud. It runs every time the OS or an app syncs data. Usually, you won’t even notice it. But if it starts using lots of resources, you may see an error message or notice your Mac slowing down.

What Is Cloudkit Daemon?

cloudd: A daemon having something to do with macOS cloud services. A little more investigating using Terminal and the technique we outlined above tells us that this is the daemon used by CloudKit, a developer’s API used to transfer data between an app and Apple’s iCloud service.

How Do I Stop Icloud Syncing On My Mac?

On your Mac
Choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, then click Apple ID. If you’re using macOS Mojave or earlier, you don’t need to click Apple ID. Click iCloud. Select or deselect each app.

How Do You Stop Icloud Backup?

Go to Apple menu  > System Preferences > Apple ID, then click iCloud. Click Manage and select Backups. Select one of the device backups, then click — to delete. If you want to turn off Backup and remove all backups for that device from iCloud, choose Delete when you’re asked to confirm.

What Is The Bird Process Running On My Mac?

What is the bird process running on my Mac? The short answer is that the bird process Mac is the back end process behind iCloud and iCloud drive. It can sit there on your Mac computer at 100 percent CPU usage all the time, without appearing to accomplish anything. You cannot delete it as well.

What Is Lockout Agent On Mac?

MAC Lockout involves configuring a MAC address on all ports and VLANs for a switch, so that any traffic to or from the “locked-out” MAC address is dropped: all data packets addressed to or from the given address are stopped by the switch. MAC Lockout is like a simple blacklist.


Today we learned about the cloudd process in brief. I told you about what is meaning of the cloudd on the mac. You understood the purpose and use of the cloudd application process for the saving and storing of the files. I described the reason for the cloud daemon issue and how to fix it in different ways. Now you do not have to worry in the future when you see the login keychain and cloudd problem.


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