What Is Capital Of Oregon

What do you know about the capital of Oregon? This article will add more knowledge about the capital city of Oregon. Oregon is a state located in the Pacific Northwest region of the Western United States. The state of Oregon is famous because of its rocky coastline, unique wildlife, beautiful forests, and easygoing culture. Here, tourists visit to explore the famous Oregon Trail and other natural landmarks like the Multnomah Falls, Willamette Valley, and Hells Canyon. Oregon is the safest place to live and also the 8th best affordable place to live. Without further delay, let’s move on to the capital of Oregon. 

What Is The Capital Of Oregon? 

The capital of Oregon is Salem, which has had a tumultuous history. Besides the capital, Salem is the second largest city in Oregon and also the county seat of Marion County and is located along the Willamette River, in the northwestern part of the state. 

Why was Salem chosen as the capital of Oregon? Salem is located on the bank of a great river and also on the Oregon Trail, which meant that Salem was prospering economically at the time. 

Salem, Oregon is famous because of its many unique attractions including a gilded Oregon Pioneer atop the state capital building overlooking the surrounding landscape. It is the garden capital of Oregon, filled with public gardens, and private garden spaces at area nurseries that all come alive each spring. 

It’s a wonderful town to raise a family, with a location that is central to the Portland metro area. Here you are after knowing the capital city of Oregon. Let’s go deep and know the history of Salem. 

When Did Salem Became The Capital Of Oregon? 

Salem became the capital of Oregon in 1851. Before Salem, the capital of the state of Oregon was Corvallis. And the first capital of Oregon state was Oregon City. but after intense debate over the location, it moved to Salem, Corballis, and then back to Salem in 1851. Let’s know the history of Salem in detail.  

  • Salem was founded at the beginning of the 19th century. 
  • The first permanent settlement around the 1840s was a Methodist mission. 
  • Salem was settled by Kalapuya Native American people. In their language, they called it chin-i-ki-ti, which means “Meeting place” or “resting place.” 
  • Salem’s first name was actually Chemketa, after the Central Kalapuyan’s Chin-i-ki-ti. 
  • Kalapuya would make winter camps, hunting, fishing, and harvesting camas, as well as encouraging camas growth by using controlled wildlife. 
  • When it was known as Chemeketa, the town was better known as “the Mill,” located on Mill Creek. 
  • Another commonly used name for the Salem community was ‘the Institute’ after Oregon Institute was formed there. 
  • The institute was a three-story building, the first European college-level school west of Missouri, and the precursor to Willamette University. 
  • The Institute used a few different theories for how Salem’s current name came about.

Salem, The Capital of Oregon Facts. 

The below-mentioned aspects will clear your all doubts regarding Salem. 

Area & Population 

The area of Salem, Oregon is about 124 km sq while the population of Salem is about 1.72 lakhs as of 2020.  The population of Oregon is 41.8 lakhs as of 2020. 

Climate & Weather 

In the capital city of Oregon, the summers are short, warm, and mostly clear and the winters are cold, wet, and mostly cloudy. Throughout the year, the temperature typically varies from 36 degrees F to 85 degrees F and is rarely below 25 degrees F or above 96 degrees F. 

Economy & Finance 

The economy and finance of Salem are mainly dependent on the wide range of industries and private employers. Here you will find advanced-level manufacturing and technology industries, agricultural and food processing industries, transportation and distribution industries, wood product producing industries, etc. 


The people of Salem mostly play games like kickball, Golf, multi-sport, pickleball, soccer, basketball, baseball, flag football, etc. 

Places To Visit In Salem 

Places to visit in Salem are, 

  • Riverfront City Park 
  • Bush’s Pasture Park 
  • Minto-Brown Island Park 
  • Oregon State Capitol 
  • Gilbert House Children’s Museum 
  • Salem’s Riverfront Carousel 

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Is Portland Oregon The Capital?

Salem, with a population of 175,535 (2020) is Oregon’s state capital and the third largest city.

Why Is Salem The Capital Of Oregon?

In 1851, Salem became the territorial capital after it was moved from Oregon City. The capital was moved briefly to Corvallis in 1855, but was moved back to Salem permanently that same year. Salem incorporated as a city in 1857, and with the coming of statehood in 1859, it became the state capital.

What Is The City Capital Of Oregon?

The location of Oregon’s capital city has had a tumultuous history. Over the years, the government seat moved from Oregon City to Salem to Corvallis—then back to Salem. Two state Capitol buildings have burned to the ground and been replaced. The main structure of the current building was completed in 1938.

Why Is Salem Oregon Famous?

Salem is the garden capital of Oregon, filled with public gardens, private gardens and garden spaces at area nurseries that all come alive each spring. Stop by Deepwood Museum & Gardens, Gaiety Hollow, Schreiner’s Iris Garden or any of the other beautiful spaces around town.

What Is Winter Like In Salem Oregon?

The cool season lasts for 3.4 months, from November 13 to February 24, with an average daily high temperature below 54°F. The coldest month of the year in Salem is December, with an average low of 36°F and high of 47°F.

Is Oregon Expensive To Iive In?

Renowned for its natural beauty, Oregon is one of the more expensive places in the country to call home. Living costs are significantly more than national averages in this Pacific Northwest state, especially in its urban areas.


In this article, you have learned lots of things about the capital of the state of Oregon including its history. Salem, the capital of Oregon state, came into the picture at the beginning of the 19th century. And in 1851 it became the territorial capital of Oregon Territory. The town was incorporated in 1857. On 14th February 1859, Oregon was admitted as the 33rd state to the Union and Salem became the state capital. Currently, Salem is a middle-sized city with a population of 1.72 lakhs citizens, and about 400,000 people live in its metropolitan area. This was all about the capital of Oregon