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Hello! This article will make you aware of the capital of Bolivia. Bolivia or, officially the Plurinational State of Bolivia is the landlocked country. Now the question is where is Bolivia?  So, Bolivia is located in western-central South America. The population of Bolivia is 11 million, which is multiethnic, including Amerindians, Mestizos, Europeans, Asians, and Africans. The official language of Bolivia is Spanish and in addition to Spanish, there are other 36 indigenous languages that also have official status. Out of which most common languages are Aymara, Gurani, and Quechua. So, let’s come back to the capital of Bolivia.   

 What Is The Capital Of Bolivia? 

The capital of Bolivia is Sucre and it is the constitutional capital while the seat of the government and executive capital is La Paz. Sucre is the 6th most populated city and the capital of the Chuquisaca Department in Bolivia. 

Bolivia is located in the south-central region of the country and lies at an elevation of 2,810 meters. Hence, the city’s subtropical highland climate with cool temperature year-round. Nowadays, Sucre became a city of major national importance and is an educational and government center, being the location of the Bolivian Supreme Court. 

Sucre is a popular city and due to its low crime rate and pleasant climate, it is one of the best places to live and travel. It contains one of the best-preserved Hispanic colonial and republican historic city centers in the Western Hemisphere. 

A Bolivia capital is well known due to its local culture and history, renowned architectural urban fabric, and local industries also. Now, after knowing what is the capital city of Bolivia, learn more about it in detail. 

When Did Sucre Became The Capital Of Bolivia? 

Sucre became the capital of Bolivia in 1839 and Its pre-Columbian name was the Chuquisaca while during the Spanish Empire it was called La Plata. Before the arrival of the Spanish, Chuquisaca had its own autonomy with respect to the Inca Empire. Let us know more about the history of Sucre. 

  • Sucre was founded on 30th November 1538 under the name Ciudad de la plata de la Nueva Toledo by Pedro Anzures. 
  • After the foundation, the Spanish King Philip II established the Audience de Charcas in La Plata in 1559 with authority over an area that covers Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia, and Peru.  
  • Then on 25th May 1809, the Bolivian independence movement was started with the ringing of the bell of the Basilica of Saint Francisco. 
  • Until the 19th century, La Plata was the judicial religious and cultural center of the region. 
  • It was proclaimed provisional capital of the newly formed Bolivia in July 1826. 
  • Finally, on 12 July 1839 Bolivia President Jose Miguel de Velasco proclaimed a law naming the city as the capital of Bolivia. 

Sucre, The Capital Of Bolivia Facts 

Here are some facts about Sucre that you should know about 

Area & Population 

The total area of Sucre is 1,768 ㎢ while the population of Sucre is 360,544 as of the year 2021. 

Climate & Weather 

The climate of Sucre is a subtropical highland in nature, with mild temperatures year round. Herr, rain generally falls in summer thunderstorms.   

Economy & Finance 

The economy of Sucre is very diverse and it depends upon agriculture, tourism, industry, mining, and many other sectors also. The chocolate industries are also the supportive industries in Sucre’s economy. 


Sucre has the most significant sports facilities in Bolivia, and the most practiced sport in the city is Football. It has the 2nd largest Olympic and football stadium in the country. Here, other sports are also played such as swimming, basketball, kung fu, and volleyball. Tennis, taekwondo, and racquetball. 

Places To Visit In Sucre 

Places to visit in Sucre are 

  1. Cathedral Basilica Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe 
  2. Treasure Museum  
  3. Museo De Arte Indigena ASUR 
  4. Monasterio De La Recoleta 
  5. Freedom House 
  6. Iglesia De San Felipe Neri 
  7. Plaza 25 De Mayo 
  8. Museo Colonial Charcas U.S.F.X 
  9. Museo De La CATEDRAL 
  10. Glorieta Castle 
  11. Torre Eiffel Parque Bolivar 
  12. Galleria Arte Y Cultura Sucre 
  13. Museo San Francisco De Asis 
  14. Church Of Saint Francis 
  15. Costumbrista Museum “CASA DEHEZA” 
  16. Museo Histórica Militar 
  17. Church Of Saint Claire 
  18. Capilla De La Virgen De Guadalupe 
  19. Florida Mansion, etc. 

On Whatisss you can get to know more facts like these.


What Is The Real Capital Of Bolivia? 

The real capital of Bolivia was La Paz. But after La Paz, Sucre was chosen as Bolivia’s capital in 1839. 

Why Does Bolivia Have 2 Capitals? 

Bolivia has two capitals because, in the past, there was an agreement to keep Sucre as an official capital but La Paz would get more power by being where the executive and legislative seats of the government would be located. So, this is the reason behind the two capitals of Bolivia. 

Does Bolivia Have Two Capitals? 

Yes, Sucre is the legal capital and the seat of the Judiciary while La Paz is the seat of the government. 

Is La Paz Or Sucre The Capital? 

Sucre is the legal and official capital of Bolivia but La Paz is the seat of the government and it has more power. 

What Is Bolivia Known For?

Bolivia is known for its dizzying altitude, loads of llamas, and deadly roads that wind through the jungle. It is also famous for its gigantic salt flats, a mind-blowing range of flora and fauna, and a diverse range of landscapes to visit.

Did Bolivia Change Its Capital?

La Paz became the seat of the executive and legislative branches of the Bolivian government and the judicial branch remained in Sucre. Today Sucre remains as the one and only capital of Bolivia, per the Bolivian constitution.


So, from this article, you have learned what is the capital of Bolivia and also where is the capital of Bolivia?  Now, you know the answer is Sucre. Above, I have mentioned various facts about Sucre in order to make you deeply aware of it. As you all know, you should know everything about the city which you are going to choose for your trip destination. Therefore, here I have given you all the information regarding the capital of Bolivia


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